Declaree and 60Dias: Claim back the VAT of all your travel expenses

Declaree and 60Dias: Claim back the VAT of all your travel expenses

Every year European companies lose thousands of euros from the unclaimed VAT on travel expenses. For this reason, businesses from all sectors are realizing that one of the main advantages of digitizing expenses on the go is the possibility to easily claim back the VAT on travel expenditure. The initial stumbling block for all companies is the fact the most receipts don’t contain the necessary information to reclaim the VAT on the expense.

For this reason, we at Declaree want to officially announce our most recent partner focused in VAT recovery of travel expenses: 60Dias. This means that our clients will be able to use the Declaree app to digitize all receipts alongside 60Dias’s VAT reclaim services. In turn your company can hugely profit on what could be considered ‘lost money’.

A complete solution for your business expenses

The process is quite simple and intuitive, requiring little to no effort from the users. It all starts by following your regular business travel schedule and storing all expense information through Declaree. Using the app, you can easily store all the information from the receipt such as the date, expense amount, VAT or client information if necessary. Our travel expense process will let you control the approval workflow to ensure that all expenses comply with the required company policies and contain the all the required data.

Then 60Dias ­– Spanish company with 10 years of experience in the VAT recovery of travel expenses – proceeds to analyze 100% of all receipts sent. After the analysis, 60Dias will then return invoices of the expenses with all the necessary data to include in the next tax declaration, as well as the complete reports of all the expenses incurred. 60Dias also focuses on the international arena offering their services throughout Europe and South America.

“Only in Europe, it is estimated that for an average employee a company could recuperate around 500 euros in a 4 year period. This number could be even higher in the scenario that the employee travels on a monthly basis.” Javier Duran, lead commercial director of 60Dias comments.

Bas, director of Declaree, also highlights the importance on the partnership with the Spanish firm: “One of the reasons why an expense management app is so important for companies is that it really facilitates the VAT recovery process. By simply storing all your expenses digitally you have gone through the first step of reducing company costs.”

For Future and Current Clients of 60Dias

Thanks in part to this agreement you will be able to use Declaree’s expense management tools to easily recuperate the tax of all your business trip expenses. Within Declaree, all of our users are able to easily download their expense reports which contain all the information required to be processed by the 60Dias team. For all of our users, this partnership means no extra costs are incurred during the whole process.

With Declaree you can forget about slow, paper dependent processes for a more digitized and streamlined method.

Declaree and 60Dias

At Declaree we would be glad to help you in the digitization of all your expenses. For more information you can book a personal demonstration with us or contact us through our phone number.