Declaree is now ISAE 3402 certified

Declaree is now ISAE 3402 certified

Our team at Declaree is obsessed with the data security of all our clients and users. Seeking the best way to secure and optimize our system and database we decided to start the ISAE certification process. Last week our auditor, EY, visited Declaree to deliver our approved ISAE 3402 Type I report.

What is ISAE 3402 Type I, and what does it mean for our clients?

Outsourcing is a growing trend and companies increasingly depend on third-party providers to deliver critical services. Consequently, outsourcing companies are looking for third-party assurance to provide their clients with comfort about their internal control environment.

ISAE stands for “International Standard for Assurance Engagements”. As the name implies ISAE is a global report that indicates a company complies with the specific assurance standards. Hence, obtaining this report shows that the company in question follows adequate internal control of its processes and data management.

Overall, there are only two types of ISAE 3402 reports: Type I and Type II. Declaree has officially received ISAE 3402 Type I certificate.

Type I intends to document a “snapshot” of the organisation’s controls. Within this “snapshot” all internal processes and procedures concerning reliability and quality assurance are arduously reviewed and tested internally. A final report is then created consisting of an investigation into the existence and design of our control measures.

What does this exactly mean for Declaree and its users? After receiving the ISAE 3402 certificate, our auditor Ernst & Young confirms our organization has established adequate control and quality assurance, reliability of internal organizational management and correct handling of user data.

Why ISAE 3402?

The purpose of this ISAE 3402 assurance standard, amongst other things, is to provide our customers with an answer to some essential questions: how well does Declaree manage internal processes as a service organization, and how does Declaree deal with risk management, information security and anti-fraud?

Service organizations, such as Declaree, often have an influence on operational and financial processes of user organizations which in turn have an effect on their annual accounts. With ISAE 3402, we at Declaree demonstrate that we handle your data in the utmost responsible and reliable way.

Wish to know more?

We offer our customers the opportunity to view the ISAE 3402 Type I certificate at our office in Rotterdam. For more information, please contact our Compliance & Risk department via or via +31 (0) 10-8403784.

Declaree – Expense Management

Are your internal company processes slow, inefficient and fully reliant on paperwork? Do not worry! At Declaree we don’t only handle your data with care – our business tools also expedites all your internal company processes with regards to expense management.

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